Building a Business Website

Free Quickstart Guide

Once you’ve ironed out the details of your idea and have a strategy in place, its time to take the plunge and get to building. “Great, let’s go,” you think to yourself…and then, “but how?”.

The Beginner’s Guide to Building your Business’s Website will cover the basics and is designed to help you identify and execute your next steps toward success. We’ll address important factors to consider and offer online business tips that we’ve gleaned during our years of doing business online. It will be up to you to take action

Domains Names – If you’ve already got a catchy company name, you likely want a domain that is consistent with it. But what if it’s not available? If you’re still working on your company name, doing some research on available domain names can be an informative exercise. We cover these topics as well as how to factor in keyword research when selecting the domain name that’s right for you.

Hosting Plans – When it comes to hosting, there are many options: Linux vs Windows, ready-to-use packages, dedicated servers… Don’t let the variety deter you. Our e-packets include helpful tips to get your business online fast while still considering your long-term needs and online business plan.

Platform Options – Are you selling products online? Is your website strictly informational? Are you trying to attract more business to your brick and mortar location or find new clients for your service? All of these questions will weigh in on the kind of platform you may want to run, whether it is a traditional Content Management System (CMS), an e-commerce platform, or an online sales brochure.

Populating your Content – Once you’ve set your site up and see those big empty pages staring back at you, you’ll realize how difficult creating good content can be. We’ll help you break down the task of creating content into manageable pieces, as well as provide online business strategies to help make the content SEO friendly and consistent with your keyword research. We also include links to resources for adding imagery and icons to your site.